DFY Viral Site System

What you are about to read may sound big league or out of your reach….

This is deadly serious. What you are about to learn can change the way you live and how you look at making money. You have two choices. Follow this proven wealth system, or continue to do what you are doing and getting the same results.

(The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.)

. . . . . I promise, you will succeed when taught proven methods with my one on one coaching.

Several very well known marketers who started with nothing are now making fortunes with my methods..


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Then Read On:   

** There is a lot of information here which you don’t really need as the system will completely be Done For You. All you really need to know is this:

Remember: I personally guarantee you will make at least $3000 a month income using nothing but FreeTraffic which with unlimited growth over time.


Plus the option of making $2k a DAY using secret traffic sources. There is no upper limit. If you want to scale to millions as I did, you can do so with my help.

This is a unique “NEVER FAIL” solution to make money online without delay.

You can’t fail or make any mistakes because your setup is completely Done For You by me and my team.

We have done all the preparation, trial and error, testing, optimized every part of the process and taken all the risk out, to ensure success and GUARANTEE YOU make money.

 We will install the software on your hosting. We build your Websites.

In a hurry? SKYPE ME  Message me to save time and find out exactly what YOU need . There is no “One Size Fits All” System. We will give you what you need with no fluff or teaching you what you already know. Ask me anything.

from broke marketer to being able to retire with my own Beach Villa in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Yes, I wear a shirt in my pool to avoid sunburn!

Imagine how different your life would be when you can make money like this. I went from trial and error and making a little money to finally cracking it and making money like this. I could finally do the things I wanted to do. I travelled for a year or so before accidentally visiting Thailand on my way to Australia. Thailand was great, tropical weather, beaches, good food and very low cost of living compared to UK. I decided to stay and bought a huge beach villa!

You will have your own ambitions and you too will be able to change your life for the better when you start to make life changing money.

You May Think I Would Want To Keep My Methods A Secret.

 But the OPPOSITE is true. I’m sick and tired of watching good people getting scammed and preyed upon by a group of ‘gurus’. You know who they are. I was a victim too for way too long.

 I want to share my ‘secrets’ precisely because I have seen too many people struggling to make money and failing because of hyped up misleading marketing products.

I ‘retired’ to the cliché tropical beach and bought a huge beach villa.

After a few years of tropical beach lifestyle I realised I didn’t want to be to be on one big holiday for the rest of my life. (Drinking too much and leading an unhealthy lifestyle.)

 I missed the buzz of business, and talking to like-minded people.


I Really Want YOU To Get The Same Success


I like to help others by sharing what I have learned, hopefully helping others to avoid some of the expensive mistakes I made.

 I want to pass that on to YOU so you can finally break through all the crap too. Of course, I know that if you and a chosen few others use my methods won’t hurt my ability to make more profits. I WANT to help, but I wouldn’t be doing it if it affected my profits.

 But I Can’t Just Give You The Coaching And Methods



 I can’t take the chance that it falls into the wrong hands and someone passes it around so much that it dilutes the results for everyone. (if a small number of us use it, the market is so huge it won’t matter, but if 10,000s start cloning my formula we could all lose money).

I have charge money to keep it out of the hands of Freebie Seekers and Black Hat ‘sharers’.



I don’t have time!


No course or software will make money for you unless you have a proven profitable system to use it with.

You have already proven to yourself time and time again – you can’t do this alone. No magic software or course will get you out of this hole you dug for yourself. You have already proven you can’t do it alone and need personal One on One mentoring. You need personal coaching and advice from someone who not just talks about it but actually does it every single day.

No one is giving you money. I am teaching you how to make money.

I have personally no business qualifications, I had very little money to start but with a lot of trial and error, mostly error, I finally worked it out, and I made millions within 12 months which enabled me to completely change my life and leave the UK with all it’s problems, including the awful weather..

I practice what I preach and I want to help you.

I do this every day but most of the system is automated and takes very little work when set up.

I will show you how to replicate my method step by step. I will give you Done For you Websites and software to make sure you make money in the shortest possible time.

The system is very simple and needs virtually no maintenance. These are methods and software I have developed personally are available from me and nowhere else.

Everything Is 100% Done For You!


Why “Done For You”?

The problem is that most methods work if you set them up properly, but most people don’t follow the instructions because they think they are too complicated to do on their own..


If you have someone helping you who already uses the method successfully, you can clone their system and ask them questions – best guarantee of success – you can’t learn from courses and PDFs alone.

You need PERSONAL advice and assistance to make sure you get it right and get results.

** There is a lot of information here which you don’t really need as the system will completely be Done For You. All you really need to know is this:

I GUARANTEE you will get an Income of AT LEAST $3000.00 per month to start, which will grow DAILY. There is no upper limit. If you want to scale to millions as I did, you can do so with my help.


Premium Membership Access

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INCLUDES the tools we use, lifetime licenses, plugins with license keys, training, updates, support.

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In a hurry? SKYPE ME Message me on Skype. There is no “One Size Fits All” System. We will give you what YOU need to make at least $3000.00 /month.

 Ask me anything.

See How Gurus and Solo Ad Sellers Make Fortunes Getting Paid-Per-Click, Affiliate Sales – CPA Income and other Income Streams.

Unfortunately This Systems like this normally costs THOUSANDS to set up.

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The System Creates Multiple Income Streams For You!

It’s a genius All In One combination of Click Multiplication software, Viral Share Lockers, CPA Lockers and unstoppable optin Lead Generators linked to multiple auto responders.

 This unique system exponentially increases clicks and sales.

It is an All In One self-perpetuating autopilot traffic, clicks and sales machine like NEVER seen before.

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Secret Blueprints, Funnels and Hacks.


The NEXT FEW DAYS ONLY you can get this NO BRAINER life changing system with the UNIQUE NO BRAINER GUARANTEE.


1-on-1 Skype Support.

Although the System will be “Done For You” there are still procedures you need to follow in order to SCALE UP your income.

You will get full Training Free so you will know exactly how to scale up as high as you want.

Contact me on Skype anytme.

You will avoid mistakes, learn some tricks of the trade and really multiply your results.


IMPORTANT: Please understand that this is a “Done For You System”, which requires many hours of manual work to setup for you. The time taken to complete depends on several factors, for example how quickly you provide me with information needed, affiliate links, login to your Cpanel/Wordpress. 

What makes me qualified to create a Business For YOU using Viral Marketing and other Methods??

I have been developing, using and selling Viral methods and products for over 20 years;

I didn’t stumble across these methods by accident, they are the result of a lot of trial and error – for years. Now you can take advantage of my knowledge and methods at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay to find these Viral Goldmines.

I am incorporating every successful method I know and have learned. I have spent years and many thousands of dollars developing successful and profitable methods so you don’t have to.

I have made many millions over the years from methods, software and complete systems I have developed.

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